The mystery of the Gay Street cross

A cross has become a tourist attraction in Greenwich Village after it was painted in LGBT colors.

Locals painted it after it mysteriously popped up on Gay Street on Good Friday. They named it the "Love Cross" and posed in a photo next to it, which went viral on social media.

Turns out, the owner, Daniel Aragao, was keeping it chained for storage purposes. He lives on the street and carries the cross to spread a message of love but when he tried to deliver it to the Trump Tower he was turned away.

He had chained it up looking for another place to display it when people took it upon themselves to paint it.  They also glued his lock shut so he can't open it.

"They say it is not my cross anymore, it is the street cross now," Aragao says.

But he does eventually plan to figure out how to get it unchained and move it.  As for the new paint job, he says he doesn't mind because he is gay.