‘The Masked Singer’ reveals which celebrity donned the Elephant costume

Fans of “The Masked Singer” said goodbye to the Elephant Wednesday night.

He dazzled the audience with performances of The Cure’s song “Friday I’m In Love,“ but he still became the first celebrity from Group B to be eliminated.

It took the star a moment to get the mask off, but when he did, the audience erupted in delight to see skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

It should come as little surprise he has singing talent. Just look at his family tree.

“One of my sisters is a professional singer,” Hawk said. “My dad was good at singing. And I thought, well, maybe it’s in the genes. Let’s just try it.“

Hawk said he has all the confidence in the world when he’s on his skateboard. But he described his first time performing on stage as “nerve-racking.”

Even so, the judges flattered him with their earliest guesses.

“The fact that they thought I was a musician in their early guesses gave me a lot of confidence,” Hawk explained. “They thought I was Charles Barker. They thought I was Dave Grohl. They’re both musicians. They both can sing, as far as I know. So I felt like, ‘Oh, I did OK. They think I’m a musician.’”

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Some of the Elephant’s clues included birds, which referenced Hawk’s surname and Birdhouse company, and white houses because he once skated through the White House.

Robin Thicke guessed the Elephant was Travis Pastrana. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg thought it was Lance Armstrong.

Ken Jeong thought Beto O’Rourke was behind the mask. Steve Aoki was Nicole Scherzinger’s guess.

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