‘The Masked Singer’ reveal: The Dragon spits fire, but gets snuffed out by judges

Only a legendary rapper like Busta Rhymes could fill the shoes of the Dragon in season 4 of “The Masked Singer.”

“I’ve been a costume-driven artist from the beginning,” said the Busta, who is known for some of the most creative and flamboyant music videos in the industry.

“The symbolism of what the dragon represents I feel is what encompasses who and what Busta Rhymes is,” Busta said. “I was groomed and conditioned to be a showman.”

And put on a show he did, when he brought the heat with his take on “Mama said knock you out” by LL Cool J.

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But despite a show-stopping performance worthy of smoking out the competition, Busta’s signature voice was easily identified by the judges.

“It’s strange to just walk past people and not greet them,” recalled Busta.

Despite spitting hot fire, Busta Rhymes’ time was short on what looks to be an unforgettable season of “The Masked Singer.”“It was cool, I had fun, the energy was great, the people was great, the love was great, the vibe was what it needed to be,” Busta said.

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