The 2022 US men’s mullet championship is open

US men’s mullet championship is open.

Nothing says U.S.A. like a good ole’ mullet championship.  

If Joe Dirt was a real person, he’d probably be at the top of the list of finalists, but for now, we’ve got plenty of worthy candidates who could potentially earn the title of U.S. Mullet Champion. 

Coincidentally, Joe Dirt is in the Mullet Hall of Fame alongside other famous mullets such as country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, actor Patrick Swayze, Bono and many others. And there are plenty of contenders to join them. 

The championship is divided into several categories: men’s, "femullets" (female mullets), teens and a kids division. 

Currently, the 2022 kid’s and teen’s mullet competitions are in their final round of voting which ends Friday, Aug. 19. 

Meet the finalists: 

Kids mullet championship finalists

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2022 Kids Mullet Championship finalist Zander. (USA Mullet Championships)

Teens mullet championship finalists

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2022 Teens Mullet Championship finalist Samuel. (USA Mullet Championships)

To submit your vote, visit and click on the tab at the top of the website that reads "Contests." From there, a drop-down menu should appear allowing you to click on either the children’s competition or teen’s competition. 

The femullets 2022 competition is closed and the winners have been announced. 


USA Mullet Championship 2022 Femullet Divison winners. (USA Mullet Championships)

But don’t worry, the mullet-themed fun isn’t over yet. The men’s division mullet championship is open for submissions. 

Requirements to enter your mullet include: 

  • Must be 19 years or older.
  • No wigs or extensions are allowed.
  • There is a $10 entry fee and half of the fee will be donated to charity.
  • You must provide a mullet name and how long you’ve been wearing that mullet.
  • Photos of the mullet must include a side view, front view and back view.

The first prize winner will receive the Mullet Mega Money Pot of $2,500 and the second and third prizes will consist of Mullet Champs Gift Sets, according to the championship website. 

No more than 500 applications will be accepted so mullet fans better act fast. 


The USA Mullet Championships 2021 Men’s Open Division winners. (USA Mullet Championships)

If more than 500 applications are received, there will be an elimination round offline prior to the first round vote on Facebook which will begin Sept. 12-14.  

There will then be a second round vote, also on Facebook, of the top 100 mullets between Sept. 19-21 and then a third and final round vote of the top 25 mullet submissions with a date still undetermined. 

"Long before it was popularized by actors and rock stars in the 1980’s, the Mullet has been traced back to warriors in Ancient Greece. Today mullet style and mullet culture is back, bro’, and in a big way. Think you’ve got what it takes to ride the wave to Mullet Fame? Enter today and find out," the website reads. 

Register before August 31 at and may the best mullet win.  

There will also be a host of in-person live competitions in different locations across the U.S. for mullet fans to "show their flow." Click here for more information. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.