Thanksgiving casserole preferences vary state-by-state

Americans sure like their casseroles on Thanksgiving.

The slow-cooked dish has been a top searched term on Google in the last month, according to search data collected by Google Trends

While many people can’t wait to see casseroles on their Thanksgiving tables alongside that prized turkey, it turns out there’s not just one casserole that’s dominating online searches. From potato casseroles to hearty greens, corn and stuffing – Americans are looking up a variety of casserole recipes.

Of course, these casserole-focused search queries vary person-to-person, but researchers at Google Trends have been able to pinpoint "uniquely searched" casseroles on a state-by-state basis.

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"We define uniquely searched, as a term that is over-represented in a region compared to the country," a spokesperson for Google Trends told Fox News. "For example, if avocados were uniquely searched in California, that means that California searched [for] it more than the U.S. as a whole."

Americans in the Southeast seem to like their Thanksgiving casseroles with squash while the Midwest and Northeast seem to be split on broccoli, corn and potatoes. The South Central and Western parts of the U.S. appear to have a hankering for green bean and broccoli casseroles.

Do you want to know if your favorite casserole made the list? Here are the casserole terms Americans entered into Google search engines from Nov. 11 to Nov. 16 – a full week before Thanksgiving festivities began. 

U.S. states that favor potato casseroles

Alaska: Mashed potato cream cheese 

Arizona: Cheesy potato 

Arkansas: Sweet potato 

Delaware: Sweet potato 

Indiana: Hashbrown

Minnesota: Sweet potato 

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Mississippi: Hashbrown

North Dakota: Canned sweet potato

Rhode Island: Sweet potato 

Vermont: Sweet potato 

Wisconsin: Cheesy hashbrowns

U.S. states that favor green casseroles

Alabama: Broccoli 

Colorado: Gluten-free green bean 

Hawaii: Green bean 

Idaho: Green bean 

Kentucky: Broccoli 

Massachusetts: Broccoli 

Nevada: Loaded green beans 

Voraciously Thanksgiving.

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New Jersey: Broccoli 

New Mexico: Broccoli cheese  

New York: Broccoli 

Oklahoma: Broccoli rice 

Oregon: Dairy-free green bean 

Tennessee: Broccoli 

Texas: Broccoli rice 

Utah: Green bean 

Wyoming: Green bean 

U.S. states that favor corn casseroles

California: Mexican corn 

Illinois: Corn 

Iowa: Corn 

Louisiana: Corn 

Michigan: Creamy corn 

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New Hampshire: Gluten-free corn 

Ohio: Baked corn 

West Virginia: Corn

U.S. States that favor alternative veggie casseroles

Florida: Butternut squash

Georgia: Squash

Montana: Vegetable

Kansas: Vegetable

South Carolina: Squash

South Dakota: Vegetable

U.S. States that favor ‘other’ casseroles

Connecticut: Breakfast 

Maine: Turkey stuffing 

Maryland: Leftover 

Missouri: Green rice 

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Nebraska: Mac and cheese 

North Carolina: Pineapple 

Pennsylvania: Leftover 

Virginia: French toast 

Washington: Stuffing 

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