Texas A&M Commerce student describes the moment homecoming party turned deadly

A Texas A&M Commerce student was very emotional as she recalled the chaotic moments when shots rang out at a homecoming event near Greenville.

"I will always remember that night," the Texas A&M University-Commerce senior said.

She was at the Party Venue when someone opened fire at about midnight Saturday night, killing two people. 12 others were injured, including eight who were hit by the gunfire.

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“We were just singing a song. Not even a minute into the song, you heard, ‘pow, pow,’ and everyone hit the ground,” she recalled.

She described running to a room with friends, and people breaking a window for them to escape.

She said this has been a life-changing experience for her.

“You got to live every second like it’s your last, because last night, I was inches away from a bullet,” she said. “I could have been, it could have been one of my friends, it could have been anybody. But it wasn’t."

Minutes before the gunman entered through the back door and opened fire, Hunt County deputies were dispatched to the Party Venue for a complaint of cars blocking the road.

Minutes later, 14 people were shot. Two died – 23-year-old Kevin Berry of Dallas and 23-year-old Byron Cravens of Arlington.

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Texas A&M University-Commerce confirmed that four of its students were amond those injured.

Authorities are still working to identify the shooter, and Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said they are having a hard time with witnesses not cooperating. Anyone with information is asked to call the Hunt County Sheriff's Office or Crime Stoppers at 903-457-2929. Callers to Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous.

The student we spoke to said she didn't see the shooter, but wants anyone with information to come forward.

"Nobody wants to get that call at two in the morning. No one wants to get that call. I just hope whoever it is comes forward," she said.

Investigators said there were no surveillance cameras in the building where the shooting happened.