Tennessee deputy thanks 2 black women for buying him breakfast at Cracker Barrel: 'BLM but so does yours!'

A Middle Tennessee deputy is thanking two women who paid for his breakfast Tuesday morning - and the note they left is making an impression.

Sumner County Patrol Deputy Jody McDowell said only a few minutes after receiving his meal at Cracker Barrel, his waitress said "I was told to give this to you" and handed over a note.

The note reads: “BLM But so does yours. Thank you for your service. Breakfast paid.” 

McDowell said two African-American women who were sitting in the dining area got up to leave, but wanted to stop over at his table and thanked him for his service before they headed back to Baltimore.

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McDowell doesn't know the women's names, but told them he appreciated the kind gesture.

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