Teen sells pastries from food truck for charity

High school student Lily Wang, 17, debuted her dessert food truck this week in Manhattan. Her company is called OneB1te—and it's about rethinking dessert.

"I learned baking for months before this and I was also studying for SATs," Wang said. "So it was really busy but fun to do."

Behind each of her bite-size treats is a monster-size mission. Wang's goal is to help eliminate food waste.

"With this idea, you can have many flavors, many kinds, with as little waste as possible," she said.

Over the past few months, Wang tested recipes from her friends and family. She worked with a professional baker to perfect her final product. Now she is serving her desserts for $1 each. And 100 percent of the proceeds goes to charities, including Feed the Children and the ASPCA.

"The charities are actually hand-picked by me," Wang said. "It's all on the issues I think need to be solved."

And while the pale pink truck attracted plenty of customers on its own, for many the sweet taste of satisfaction only grew when they found out the difference they were helping to make.

"They stop by and learn what we're trying to do and they put their hands to their heart and say, 'That's so nice of you,'" Wang said, "and I feel so good when they do that."