Taxi, van among NYC Airbnb rentals

A growing number of, shall we say, unique short term rentals are popping up on Airbnb in New York City.

The owner of a yellow taxi is not trying to make money off of passengers, he's converted the cab into a bedroom available for rent.

A pair of women walking down 11th St. in Long Island City, Queens say it's been parked in the same spot for three weeks.

The listing claims:  "This Taxi has been renovated into a swanky living quarters! It was in service since 2002 driving New Yorkers up and down the busy manhattan streets! From actors to real estate tycoons, the cab drove thousands of people around the bustling streets. Now for the first time its parked. Don’t worry the meter is not running. Sleep in this Cozy One-of-a-kind NYC Taxi Van."

Some of the "house rules" include: no smoking; no outside guests and no cooking.  

"Appreciate taking off street shoes inside," posted host Jonathan.

It comes with sheets, a bed and a portable wireless air conditioner.  One night in the cab costs $69.

Another rental available in Long Island City is a Chevy van.

It is marketed as having a sleeper bed in the back and room for two.

It goes for $39 a night and is parked in an industrial lot with no bathroom or running water.

The cab and van are both owned by an Airbnb user who goes by the name Jonathan.  He has about half-a-dozen vehicles listed on the site.

Fox 5 News tried to reach him for comment through Airbnb but he did not respond.

And if you're wondering, it is not illegal to sleep in a vehicle in New York City as long as it is in a legal parking spot.

He's not alone in offering unique short-term rentals in the city.  One person in Brooklyn has a camper for rent.

A houseboat docked in Queens is even listed for rent.

As for regulators, they say they continue to investigate illegal hotel rooms in the city.