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Chef Seki of Sushi Seki is known around the world as a sushi master. Watching Seki is captivating. It is like watching an artist create a masterpiece.

Born in China, Seki went to Japan as a teenager where he tasted sushi for the first time.

After working at the Tokyo fish market, Seki fell in love with sushi and decided to become a chef.

Seki's first restaurant opened on the Upper East Side in 2002. His Chelsea location opened two years ago. His newest location is Sushi Seki Bar and Oysters in Hell's Kitchen, where he showed us some of his creations.

His childhood favorite is a fried rice dish with scallop, avocado, truffle, and his whimsical addition of a crab made out of a carrot.

He also has a unique take on breakfast.

Seki is also famous for his omakase, where he puts an inventive spin on fresh fish.

Some of his favorites are toro with wasabi and sea salt and kampachi with jalapeno sauce.