Study: Men eat more around women

There are a lot of things guys try to do to impress women but would you believe eating is one of them?  New research claims men eat a lot more when they're dining with a lady they like.

Cornell University researcher Kevin Kniffin is behind the study.  During two weeks of lunches at an italian restaurant, researchers observed men ate 93% more pizza when they were with a woman.

"It's a kind of showing off," Kniffin says.

Men have been showing off for women, any way they can, since the beginning of humanity but according to Cornell researchers for only two reasons.

"One would be to assert dominance or to become more attractive in the mating market," Kniffin.

And by scarfing pizza, Niffin believes some part of the male sees his feat-of-eating improving his standing and rendering him more irresistible to his female dining companion.

Women, meanwhile, consumed the same amount of pizza, whether they ate with a man, a woman, or by themselves.

"Women eating with men tended to feel like they overate and feel rushed," Kniffin says.