Strava reveals its 2022 Year in Sport report

Strava, a fitness and social network app, revealed its 2022 Year in Sport report on Wednesday, examining how Americans are looking to get their fitness routines back on track after the interruption of the pandemic.

"What Strava is created for us is that platform to be able to talk about women in sports and our participation is not one that is just about allowing us an opportunity to participate," said Olympian Alysia Montaño. "It's one that allows us to be ourselves wholly--get to the start line and to the finish line as respected individuals that deserve to be with us in sports."

Among the insights revealed from the data pulled from Strava's global community which boasts over 100 million active people, was that the company saw two specific trends including a post-pandemic return to indoor active spaces and people hitting the road on their bikes.

"That's yoga studios, it's gyms, it's rock climbing walls, and we're seeing that in our data through and through," says CEO Michael Horvath. "Second, one is how people are using e-bikes to get around and bikes in general in cities--and it's really a big, big growth trend."

New York City's Department of Transportation has even partnered with Strava to make infrastructure improvements throughout the city.

"Green Waves, which is across 12 corridors in the city where they've timed the traffic lights so that someone who is traveling on a bike doesn't need to stop while they're traveling in that corridor," says Strava Metro's Manager of Customer Success Haynes Bunn. "And so they're using the travel metro data essentially as an evaluation metric to understand how well are these corridors working."

Wednesday's event culminated with a workout class boosted by the power of the community.