Staten Island couple keeps pet horse

Most of the time, when you see a horse you’d expect to see it on a farm somewhere in the countryside, not on Staten Island.

But, for 12-year-old Margie, Tompkinsville is home with her owners, Abdul Elenani and his wife.

Elenani and her wife got Morgie a year ago and kept her boarded at a stable in New Jersey, but six weeks ago when they moved into their new home, they brought her with them and built her a stall in their driveway. 

“It’s been amazing so far, in the beginning it was a little tough for her, she’s not used to the cars but after the first two rides she got used to the cars, she knows the route to the park herself,” Elenani said.

There is no law prohibiting residents from owning a pet horse in New York City. The Department of Health says that no permit is required for horses owned by individuals who own private property and use the horse only for recreational purposes. 

However, not all of Elenani’s neighbors are okay with Morgie moving in, with one having filed a complaint with the city about the smell of horse manure. 

A health department inspector did visit the property after receiving complaints and found the horse in good physical condition, but also found a goat, which is illegal to have. According to Elenani, the goat was returned to the farm.