Star Wars T-shirt banned at school

A Texas seventh grader says he was forced to cover up his Star Wars T-shirt at school because it was determined to be violent in nature.

Colton Southern says he wore the Star Wars shirt last week but when he got to school the administrators told him it violated school code because it had an image of a storm trooper holding a weapon.

"There are some shirts  that make sense just cause they are inappropriate," Southern says. "But some shirts that doesn't make sense if they ban them. Everybody knows that the movie's coming out and it's all a big thing. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one wearing shirts like this."

A spokesperson for the Lamar Consolidated Independent school district says the school handbook spells out potential violations of dress code.

They include "symbols oriented toward violence."  They school says it chose not to reprimand Southern but required him to keep his jacket zipped up over the shirt all day.