Star Wars merchandise mania includes lipstick

Everywhere you look Star Wars merchandise is taking over this galaxy. Some items like action figures are to be expected. Some other items like battery-operated Chewbacca are more unusual. One Millennium Falcon is actually a blue tooth home speaker.

A home projector lets you take Jedi challenges and move holograms with your mind. And all you at-home Sith lords can use a globe-shaped energy ball to create your own force lightning. The Star Wars tabletop pinball machine didn't go over too well with some. Perhaps one of the weirder Star Wars related items is from Covergirl lipstick.

Analysts expect merchandise sales to have reached $1 billion even before the movie opens December 18. Retailers are trying to meet the demand.

One of the most sought after is this Millennium Falcon Lego set -- all 1329 pieces of it. But if Legos are too tame for you, there is always the Star Wars version of the popular party game catchphrase or the R2-D2 BPA-free water bottle. And still, if you need a flash drive Darth Vader has got you covered.

If a regular sized light saber doesn't work for you, you can always find this mini light saber to help you take on the Sith lords in your world. The only limit is your imagination.