Archdiocese of New York denounces transgender activist's funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral

The funeral started out as most St. Patrick’s Cathedral parishioners would expect one to. But outrage would soon fester from the services held for Cecilia Gentili, 52, a trans woman, an advocate for sex workers, and an outspoken atheist.

Gay actor and singer Billy Porter, who worked with Gentili on the FX television show Pose, sang at the services, followed by speakers, whose attire and words left old-school Catholics, watching the livestream, stunned, as some mourners used inappropriate language in the eulogy, including a derogatory word for prostitute.

While the audience packed with fellow trans and LGBTQ members and allies roared in delight at the humor, members of the church balked.

Bill Donohue, from the more conservative Catholic League writing: " dressed as women and women dressed as men ... At the service, many of those in attendance dressed as hookers, danced in the aisles, sang "Ave Cecilia" when "Ave Maria" was sung..."

When parishioners heard about the service, they wanted to know how Saint Patrick's could have allowed this to happen. 

FOX 5 reached out and the Rector Enrique Salvo sent a statement: "Thanks to so many who have let us know they share our outrage over the scandalous behavior at a funeral here at St. Patrick’s Cathedral earlier this week. The Cathedral only knew that family and friends were requesting a funeral Mass for a Catholic, and had no idea our welcome and prayer would be degraded in such a sacrilegious and deceptive way."

"I feel like it’s a place that is really traditional," a woman visiting the church, told FOX 5. "It might be a little too much."

"Even though I'm part of the LGBTQ," said a man in front of St. Patrick’s, "I don't think it’s the right place for it, you know? Especially if it’s like the place where it's safe and respected for all the people."

 Cardinal Timothy, Dolan, the archbishop of New York, authorized a Mass of Reparation, while the Rector requested prayer, as the event happened during lent.