Social media obsesses over 'unicorn' food

What happened to the simple food we all grew up eating?

If food doesn't present well on a plate, it may not be on a menu for much longer, according to Daniela Galarza from A colorful trend is picking up speed in the culinary world. Rainbow-colored food started a few years back and it's still going strong, but now we also have unicorn food.

"Everybody wants something that looks good on their social media feed so I think that's spurring this trend," Galarza said. "Unicorn food is taking the rainbow food trend and turning it into something that's super healthy... Mermaid toast has come out of this trend. It's actually toast that's been spread with almond cream cheese so you're removing the dairy that supposed to be healthier for you and there's a swipe of blue algae powder."

Union Fare Bakery in Flatiron is one of a long list of New York businesses becoming popular for its bright-colored creations. Their birthday cake croissant is photographed all over the Instagram world. The executive chef here says whether it's fattening rainbow food or healthier unicorn food, the color keeps customers coming back for more.

"It's just happy food, it's joyful food," Executive Chef Yvan Lemoine said. "Whether you're a little kid or you're an adult or you've had a crappy day at work you have rainbow croissants or bright colored food and it just makes everything kind of OK."

If you haven't had a chance to try any of these colorful treats, don't worry. The food experts we spoke to say they don't see the rainbow or unicorn trend dying down any time soon, especially in a city like New York where chefs are always testing their creative abilities.