Snow way! Winter storm could drop 6 inches of snow on NYC next week

A winter storm system moving in from the west could drop over 6 inches of snow on NYC early next week and nearly a foot of snow in some areas north and west of the city. 

The storm is expected to move into the area Monday night into Tuesday morning, beginning as rain before quickly switching over to snowfall by Tuesday afternoon.

How much snow will we see in NY and NJ?

Current models are showing over 6 inches of snowfall in New York and Newark, nearly 8 inches in White Plains, and a whopping 12.5 inches of snowfall in Sussex in New Jersey.

Predicted snowfall totals for a winter storm heading to the area. 

The storm's exact track and ability to strengthen will be key factors in determining how much snow will fall and where.

Last month, New York City broke a 700-day-long snow drought when a storm dropped a little over an inch of snow in the city. 

New York City has experienced a major drop in snowfall over the last few years, with the National Weather Service marking 2023 as the "least snowy" year in the city's history with just 2.3 inches of snowfall. 

If the storm continues as predicted, it could be one of the snowiest days to hit the area since 2013, when a blizzard dropped 2 feet of snow on many areas on Long Island and southern Connecticut. 

Mid-winter weather outlook: ‘6 more weeks’ of winter

New York City's Central Park has recorded a measly 2.3 inches of snow this winter, but FOX 5 NY’s Nick Gregory said the area has the potential for at least another 15 inches, according to his mid-winter forecast.

Only one or two decent storms will help us reach this projected total, and Nick forecasts that February will provide the perfect conditions for winter storm development.

The U.S. is experiencing a strong El Niño, meaning the Tri-State is more likely to see warmer-than-average temperatures and wetter-than-average precipitation.

As we move forward, strong El Niño conditions will continue, meaning February will feature the same type of weather we've seen: above-average temperatures and borderline rain-snow events.

"I think winter will be prolonged here, and I do think that we'll probably have a good surge of cold weather coming in the middle part of February, [creating the potential for a snow storm or two," Nick said.