Snoop Dogg said, 'I decided to give up smoke, please respect my privacy at this time'

Snoop Dogg, the influential rapper and cannabis entrepreneur, made a surprising announcement this afternoon on his own Instagram.

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In a post to the social media platform, Snoop Dogg said, "After much consideration and conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time."

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This announcement was met with a mix of reactions from fans and fellow rappers. While some were congratulatory, others were in disbelief, as Snoop Dogg has long been associated with smoking marijuana. 

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Snoop Dogg's decision to give up smoking is a significant step away from his public image as a cannabis enthusiast. Throughout his career, he has openly embraced smoking marijuana, both in his music and in business ventures.

From releasing albums titled "Doggystyle" and "Reincarnated" to co-founding a cannabis media platform, Snoop Dogg has also been a strong advocate for the legalization of marijuana.


His announcement, however, suggests his views may have evolved over time. It is possible that he is putting his health first. Whatever the reason, his decision to give up smoking surprised many fans.