Shopping for healthy foods on a budget

Every year, we all resolve to live healthier lives. But anyone who's tried to shop for healthy foods knows that could lead to some sticker shock at the checkout line. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Kristen Carlucci, registered dietician and nutrition expert, says you should eat seasonally. Fruits and veggies are available year round, but the foods in season taste better, are more nutritious, and less expensive.

Also, buy certain staples, like oatmeal, in bulk. That is cheaper than buying single-serve packets. You can even eat oatmeal for dinner. Beans, veggies, oats are al budget-friendly. Add them to meat-based foods to increase portion size without increasing the price.

Carlucci says that canned and frozen foods have stigma but they're preserved at their peak freshness so they can be a healthy choice.

She also says that a tasting plate with everything on it made from leftovers can be a fun way to not waste your food.  Plus you satisfy a bunch of cravings at once.