'Shocking and upsetting': Alexis Gabe's family shown timeline of daughter's death

Alexis Gabe's family received a chilling timeline of their daughter's death from police this week. 

The documents and images arrived more than six months after Gabe's disappearance. They included a detailed account of Gabe's last moments alive, and traced the steps her alleged killer took to hide her body and any remaining evidence. 

The family called the evidence ‘shocking and upsetting,’ adding that they received horrific images and videos with the timeline, which haven't been shared to the public yet.

Gabe disappeared on the night of Jan. 26 after spending time with her ex-boyfriend, Marshall Curtis Jones. The family reported her missing the next day when they realized she hadn't come home.


Text conversation between Marshall Jones and Alexis Gabe's mother. Photo via Facebook.

A text conversation between Gabe's mom and Jones showed the family actively trying to find their daughter the next morning. She asked what time she left his house, and continued to ask if he had heard from her.

The timeline after that morning showed an elaborate plan by Jones to hide evidence of her death. Police gave over eight pages of details, outlining cell phone locations and potential family involvement.

Police ran into Jones near his house on Jan. 28 but did not have probable cause to issue a search warrant at his home. Jones did allow them to take his phone for a few hours, though, which gave police some valuable evidence, they said.


Marshall Curtis Jones. Photo: Gwyn Gabe

On Feb. 1 they obtained a search warrant of Jones' home and detected a small amount of Gabe's DNA on the inside lid of the washer. The shower curtain in his bathroom were also missing, police said.

Jones was caught on video twice dumping large, heavy garbage bags from his vehicle. The exact location of where he put the bags was not clear, as the video was recorded via motion sensors in 30-second clips, police said.

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The evidence also reveals Jones stayed with different family members during the time after Gabe's disappearance. One night Jones' sister kicked him out of her home. He was seen on video carrying an extended firearm magazine and likely had a gun on him while he was with his sister, they said.

And in another twist, police revealed the arrest of Jones' mother, Alicia Coleman Clark. She was allegedly arrested and released on May 19 for charges of aiding and abetting, according to police.


Family photo posted by Gwyn Gabe, father of Alexis.

The family said they will continue the search to find her body, and remain actively involved in a Facebook group devoted to bringing an end to the mystery. The newly released evidence leaves them with a lot to process, they said.

Gabe's dad posted a family photo on Facebook after receiving the disturbing timeline from investigators. The caption said, "Cherish every moment and every person in your life, because you never know when will be the last time you see someone."