Sexy American accents: Where does New York's rank?

The New York accent is considered one of the sexiest in the country, according to a new poll. But how do New Yorkers feel?

The language learning app called Babbel teamed up with European hotel workers to find out which America accent is the sexiest. What may be music to the ears of Europeans may not sound the same to us.

It breaks down like this: the polls found that the sexiest accent comes from the Deep South. New York lands at No. 2. In third place is Boston. And in the last place is Minnesota. Or as they say: Minnesooooota.

At Rose and Joes Italian Bakery in Astoria, the bread is as fresh as the honesty about the poll. Owner Anna Porretto speaks fluent Italian, which to this American's ears is sexy.

But what is it about the New York accent that Europeans hear? Michael Newman, a linguistics professor at Queens College, explained: people's opinion of a particular language or a particular accent is based on their opinions about those particular people.

To each his own.