Senior citizens stun crowd at basketball halftime show in New Jersey

Like the song says, "You can dance right through your life," no matter what age. 

Two senior citizen basketball teams matched up in front of a crowd full of supporters on Saturday in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Pete Amadeo, the superintendent of recreation for the City of Bayonne, said that more than 40 older adults participated in the department's first-ever basketball game.

The game also featured a halftime show full of Zumba dancers. 

Credit: Official Facebook page for the City of Bayonne

Supporters rallied outside as the seniors arrived in style on a yellow school bus.

The teams did their warm-up rounds as any normal basketball team would, before they went face-to-face. 

The seniors shook hands and stood for the national anthem.

Credit: Official Facebook page for the City of Bayonne

The teams took turns back and forth shooting lay-ups and even some 3s, as the crowd cheered along. 

When it was time for the Zumba halftime special, the crowd went wild.

As the group slowly took their places Irene Cara's "What a Feeling" began to play. 

Credit: Official Facebook page for the City of Bayonne

Dancing for their lives, the group moved every inch of their bodies, performing all three minutes of the '80s hit song.

"I can only imagine the memories that came to them when they danced to this song. Great job seniors!" one Facebook comment read.

Another comment read, "Gives me more confidence to move more."

Amadeo says the seniors do Zumba together weekly and had been practicing for the performance for over a month.

Storyful contributed to this report.