Schumer calls for Trump to restore anti-terror funding

New calls have been made for President Trump to restore anti-terror funding to his budget proposal.

With the current plan, hundreds of millions of dollars will be slashed from Homeland Security programs.

Senator Charles Schumer said that puts New York City at risk.

Every day, the NYPD’s counter terrorism forces patrol the streets and high profile targets like Time Square.

Now, some of the federal dollars that fund their operations are on the chopping block under the president’s proposed budget

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said it’s a cut New Yorkers can’t afford.

“Terrorists are seeking places with big crowds. That means extra vigilance-we need more police, overtime, equipment UASI has provided all those things,” he said.

UASI stands for the Urban Area Security Initiative.

Under Trump’s budget, funding for it would be slashed by a quarter to $448 million.

The proposed cuts were announced the day after 22 people were killed and dozens wounded in Manchester by a suicide bomber at the Ariana Grande concert.

“It's doubly ironic that Trump, who went to mid-east to campaign against terror- who has made it one of his stalwarts to wipe out ISIS, has cut UASI by a quarter,” said Schumer.

Schumer acknowledged that the Obama administration proposed an even larger cut to UASI funding which didn't come to fruition, but said the Manchester bombing and other recent attacks show why the funding is especially crucial now.

The White House hasn't responded to criticism of the cuts, but Trump did release this video promoting his so called "taxpayer first budget."

"I'm proud to tell you that this first budget provides firm new foundation for the safety and also jobs and prosperity for all Americans in years to come," he said.

Critics have also denounced the proposed budget's drastic cuts to public education and programs like food stamps, but Schumer said the cuts to anti-terrorism grants are perhaps most dangerous.

“Look, I’m concerned about a lot of cuts, but our number one job is safety of our citizens- I’ll never forget 911,” explained Schumer.

Lawmakers were able to stave off the cuts proposed by the Obama and Bush administration- Senator Schumer is hopeful that they will be able to do the same with Trump’s proposed cuts.