SCAM: Charlotte home listed on Zillow not for sale

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The family living in this house in Ballantyne, are no strangers to random visits from people and real estate agents who's clients are interested in this home.

Catherine Polka said “A lot of people coming to my door, a lot of realtors coming to my door."

In fact, Polka knows the routine like the back of her hand. People turn the corner, and stare as if looking for a house number, then circle around in the cul-de-sac.

But here's the catch, their home isn't for sale. After so many people approached her about her house being for sale, one person showed her the listing on Zillow. Polka said, "I was bothered at that point, reported it to Zillow, it was not an ok ad.”

Polka found out her home was listed "for sale" on Zillow for about $100,000 less than what it should be selling for if it were on the market.

It’s a scam Savvy and Company real estate agent Melissa Christiansen says happens all the time.

The scary part is some of these "fake" listings ask for money up front to secure a down payment or a security deposit in the case of rentals.

Not to mention the emotional roller-coaster that goes along with someone looking to buy a house that isn't legit.

For now, the Polka's have informed everyone "stopping by" their house, including making a sign to deter people from coming to their front door. She wants the word out about this scam that's turned her life upside down.