Salads from greens harvested while you wait

Salads from Harvest2Order in Brooklyn is not just any salad. They are made with fresh microgreens literally snipped to order right in front of you.

Harvest2Order is inside the North 3rd Street Market in Williamsburg. Co-founder Shelley Golan said that a seed grows into the micro-bean stage in a week to 10 days. She said no other salad bar in the U.S. harvests greens to order in front of the customer's eyes.

Golan and her partner had a media and marketing company that focused on sustainable foods. She said that made them more involved in New York's agricultural scene.

The shelves are stocked with hydroponically grown microgreens from an actual farm on Long Island. Every morning, between 15 and 30 trays are delivered and placed underneath the fluorescent lights, which help them grow throughout the day.

Golan explained that microgreens are greens that are harvested between the sprout stage and the baby green stage.

Harvest2Order is open seven days a week. You can get a salad for $9 to $14.

Customers are giving it two thumbs up.