Video: Man leads police on chase in stolen tractor

A man in North Carolina took police on a chase in a stolen John Deere tractor, with portions of the incident going viral on social media.

Boone police received a call Tuesday about the tractor being driven erratically in a parking lot, trying to hit pedestrians.

Police say the tractor, being operated by Ronnie Hicks, struck several vehicles, a dumpster and a church. 

The officers used stop sticks, but they were ineffective on the tractor.

Hicks was intentionally driving the tractor toward on-coming traffic. He also intentionally rammed a police vehicle. When the driver headed near a local school, an officer shot the tires of the tractor.

After a few miles of driving without a front tire, Hicks turned onto a private drive and ran out of road. 

Police say Hicks jumped off the tractor wielding a knife. He was tased by an officer and taken into custody. No injuries were reported.

Officers from the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office and the North Carolina State Highway Patrol also assisted Boone police in the chase.