Robot dogs envisioned to deliver packages inside buildings

Will your packages soon be delivered by a robot dog?  That's the vision of a Germany company called Continental.

The company is at CES 2019 this week exhibiting how a driverless vehicle could be used to stage and deploy delivery robots to take packages to customers.  It says the system would create a more effective and efficient distribution of goods.

Continental’s autonomous electrified development platform, called CUbE, is viewed as a solution for urban "first or last mile" of delivery.  This type of vehicle – often referred to as a robo-taxi or pod – would be extended to goods delivery to further utilize the available transport capacity and reduce idle times.

Some driverless vehicles are already delivering goods in limited areas but the consumer must go outside to get the items.

The CUbE can carry multiple delivery robots, that look like robotic dogs, and deploy them to handle the last yards of the goods to actually bring them inside a home of building.