Relationship realities in today's world

Like everything else in our world, our most intimate, personal relationships have gone through unexpected transformations and definite challenges over the last few years. But have we come out happier and better equipped to deal with our love lives or confused about what the rules really are?

Connecting and sharing love with another human being is one of the great joys of being alive. It's a beautiful dream that many people pursue, no matter what the odds.

The latest CDC statistics from 2019, found that every 16 seconds in the United States, someone gets married. Every 42 seconds, someone gets divorced.

Couples therapist, Dr. Daryl Johnson sees it all.

She says, "People are struggling. People are being curious about the state of their own relationship with themselves, how to be better in relationships, so, even though it's a struggle, even though having a relationship in these times is difficult, I feel like people still haven't given up hope."

Women and hip-hop podcast host Jazzie Belle says styles may change, but the fundamentals for single women looking for lasting love remain.

She says, "Lead with respect make sure you are respected first, know who you are first before entering a relationship because this world will tell you something, other than the truth about yourself. So no yourself, no, your self-worth, demand respect, and don't compromise that."

Dollaz, Unlimited, CEO, and reality TV star Richie Dollaz has had relationship roller coaster rides play out on national TV. He says good guys often don't get the girls, but it doesn't have to be that way.

He says, "I think sometimes you have to change the playground you're playing on. If you're going to places where people are not respecting you or knowledge in who you are, you might need to go to that place where people are a little bit more substance oriented, that's where you need to be, with people of a like mind."

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