Radar guns coming to bike trails of California's Mount Tam

A premier San Francisco Bay Area mountain-biking trail is about to get something new - radar guns.

The Marin County parks department tells the San Francisco Chronicle it will deploy rangers with radar guns to enforce a 15 mile speed limit on the county's famous biking trails (http://bit.ly/21Zaay5). Bikers can approach 30 miles an hour going downhill. That adds to friction among people biking, hiking, walking dogs and riding horses on the dirt trails.

Marin County Assistant Parks Director Max Korten says a trial run showed nothing works like enforcement to reduce problems.

Mount Tamalpais is considered one of the places where mountain biking began. Biker Glenn Fiedler, who came from Texas to ride Mount Tam, complained a 15 mile speed limit would ruin the sport for bikers.