Queens penthouse apartment blown up to cover up murder

A killer reportedly tried to blow up a penthouse apartment in Queens to cover up a murder.

It happened Tuesday morning on 41st Ave. in Elmhurst.  Fire crews were called to a report of a fire just before 10:30 a.m.  An explosion had blown off the roof of the building and flames were pouring out of the side of the apartment.

When the FDNY extinguished the fire they found the body of 26-year-old Anesti Bulgaretsi on the floor of a bathroom of the 7th-floor apartment.

Four firefighters suffered minor injuries.

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FDNY says the cause is still under investigation and several agencies, including the NYC Department of Buildings, are involved in the process of securing the wall of the building.

The adjacent buildings have been temporarily evacuated as a precaution.  More than 40 households were ordered to leave their apartments.

The Red Cross says it is helping 44 people who were displaced from their homes due to the blast. They say that number could go up as additional families connect with the organization for help. Red Cross will provide temporary lodging, financial assistance, emotional support, and other services.

NYPD sources tell FOX 5 News that Bulgaretsi had been stabbed multiple times.

There are reports a killer set off the massive explosion to try to cover up the death.