Off-duty NYPD officer shot in Queens: officials

An off-duty NYPD officer was shot in an apparent case of road rage in Queens, officials said.

It happened Wednesday afternoon on Queens Boulevard and 70th in the Maspeth section.

According to officials, the officer was in a car when the perpetrator got out of the car and confronted the officer. The off-duty officer had a gun.

Two men are in custody right now, identified as 32-year-old Edwin Rivera, with four prior arrests, and 27-year-old Shawn Rivera, with two prior arrests.

The off-duty officer was on Queens Boulevard when he noticed a white minivan, blocking the intersection. Words were exchanged between the officers and the driver. The officer continued his way until the driver of the minivan pulled up again.

The officer gets out, Draws his firearm—

And tells the two men they’re under arrest.

The officer called 9-1-1. He then reholsters his gun, and tries to hold down they suspect with his hands, while waiting for back up.

The suspect starts to fight back, and they get into a struggle.

The second man putting the officer in a chokehold, while the other starts beating him. 

The officer is desperately trying to hold on to his gun it fires. Police arrived to find a bleeding officer, shot in the thigh, and a bleeding suspect with a gunshot wound to his hand. 

The second suspect ran into a hospital where he was promptly arrested. 

The police benevolent association writing in a statement: 

"We’re thankful that our brother is going to recover, but this incident highlights the dangerous environment on our streets, not just for police officers but for all New Yorkers. These two repeat offenders didn’t think twice about attacking a cop and trying to grab his gun. What will happen if our dysfunctional justice system spits them back out onto the streets again?"