Bayside residents voice strong opposition to new bike lanes: 'I think it’s ridiculous'

For several blocks along 53rd Street in Bayside, Queens, the signs are doing the talking outside of neighbors' yards, telling the city how they really feel about the new bike lanes. 

Six months ago, crews began paving the way, erecting signs and installing newly polished bike lanes that Mike says he never saw coming.

"Several months ago, I woke up. Next thing you know, you got bike lanes in front of your place," the Bayside resident shared.

Rashan Fray, an organizer of the push against the bike lanes, helped Mike and his neighbors with signs in their yards, all signing a petition on with more than 850 signatures so far.

"People rely on parking and they wanted that. That was their intention. People have families that have been living here 20, 30 years or more and those kids grew up, and they have their own cars and licenses, and they drive as well," Fray told FOX 5 NY. 

The growing families of the bike lanes that were supposed to benefit too question why they’re there as well. 

"I think it’s ridiculous because nobody really uses them honestly speaking. I don’t see any bikes. I really walk here every day for an hour walking the dog with my son. There's no bikes," one mom added.

"They’re elderly, they can’t park in front of his house anymore. They just took it away without asking permission, no opinion, op-ed anything," said Mike.

The red signs aim to put a red light on the lanes installed by the Department of Transportation that families feel are under used.

The DOT sent FOX 5 NY a statement, saying: "These bike lanes provide connections to parks and other important neighborhood destinations and their designs have proven to significantly improve safety for everyone on the road—whether you’re walking, biking, or in a car."

As for bikers who use the lane, they see the benefit. 

"It’s safer. I’d say safer to ride your bike, especially an electric bike, because it’s fast. It’s safer than going on the road. That’s what I’ll say," a biker shared.