Quality coffee office delivery service in Manhattan

Hanna Straw just popped open her daily Blue Bottle latte, delivered to the Captivate Digital Marketing office in the Garment District where she works, along with 31 other eco-friendly mugs of various coffee drinks for her coworkers, in a large backpack carried by a very caffeinated CEO of a year-old startup.

Vincent Meyer founded Goffee—as in "go coffee"—in a 400-square-foot eighth-floor lab last year after growing tired of his morning hajj to the coffee shop.

"I started to hate waiting," he said.

Vincent started wondering if he might offer a more cost-effective means of providing Garment District office workers that first or second cup of coffee. He figured every office in this city with more than 25 employees had a coffee machine.

"And let's face it," he said. "That coffee is usually bad."

And while a lot cheaper than a cup of name-brand coffee shop joe, office coffee still demands regular monthly expenditures.

"You have to buy the pods," Vincent said, "you have to buy the beans, you have to buy the milk, you have to buy the cups."

At $1.50 to $2 per person per day, Vincent believes, his service allows companies to save on the money they spend providing employees coffee, while also providing coffee their employees actually like.

"It's very convenient," Hanna said, "instead of having to leave the office, especially in the morning."

With Goffee, office managers (or "office experience and recruiting coordinators" like Hanna) no longer need worry about their office's varying coffee preferences. Goffee delivers 1,000 12-ounce cups of coffee, lattes and cappuccinos—each tailored exactly to the drinker's specification, down to the brand of java and number and varieties of milks and sugars—to 45 different companies within a mile of Goffee's original ghost kitchen every weekday morning.

"Coffee is a great product," Vincent said, "but it's very bad for the environment."

The reusable mugs keep their beverages hot for up to two hours. Goffee picks up the dirty ones every day and partners with a washing and sanitizing service to clean them for the following day's deliveries.

"We want to go and scale to more locations in the city and, why not, in the U.S.," Vincent said.


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