‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ strikes again, scales New York Times building

A self-proclaimed "Pro-Life Spiderman" was back at it again Thursday morning, days after he scaled the 60-floor Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

Maison DesChamps, 22, made his way to the East Coast where he was captured climbing the 721-foot New York Times building.

On his ascent, DesChamps hung two anti-abortion banners from the building.

According to the New York Post, one of the signs read, "Abortion kills more than 911 every week!" The second sign had the image of a fetus and called out a certain doctor whom it accused of having "killed this baby."

DesChamps documented some of his climb on Instagram, as he's done previously.

"I'm up here on the boss level and no one is up here. This is strange. It's like the calm before the storm," he said once he reached the top of the 52-story building. "I'm gonna take off my harness and my shirt and flip it inside out and try to blend in and see if I can sneak down through the New York Times building and get out before they arrest me."

DesChamps appeared to have found a stairwell and was able to see himself out.

"It’s a lot easier when they let you down the elevator, let me tell you," he said in a clip posted to Instagram. "The stairs thing is hard. I’m tired."

"I’m gonna to be pissed if I run down all these stairs, and they’re waiting for me at the bottom," he added. "It’s gonna suck."

It's unclear whether he was arrested, but there did not appear to be any officers waiting for him on the ground.

DesChamps said he recently started climbing skyscrapers to spread his anti-abortion message.