Political ads target New York voters

The political ads have hit New York's airwaves. John Kasich has one going after Ted Cruz for his digs on New York values. But you'll see the majority of ads on local stations from the democrats as the battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders heats up. Both candidates are clearly trying to show their New York colors and in a couple of spots the Black Lives Matter movement.

Clinton's ad is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman and shows her speaking up for victims of police brutality.

And in one ad Eric Garner's daughter Erica gives a moving endorsement of sanders.

Adweek Executive Editor James Cooper says the spots are successful at tapping into emotion.

But will ads like these be enough to sway votes or win over undecided voters?

Whether or not the ads translate to votes, expect to see more of them as we get closer to April 19 as the candidates -- especially the Democrats -- fight it out for each and every vote.