Human body parts found in 2 locations in Minneapolis neighborhood

Police are investigating after human body parts were discovered in the St. Anthony West neighborhood of Minneapolis Thursday morning. 

Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson John Elder said a passerby found a few body parts on the 300 block of Main Street around 9:30 a.m. Additional body parts were discovered later discovered another site nearby. 

Police are investigating the case as a homicide. Elder said investigators believe the individual is a Caucasian man in his 30s. He said the body parts appeared to be "fresh" and not in late stages of decomposition.

"We don't know where the body came from. This body may have been dead before it met its trauma. We don't know," said Elder.

When FOX 9 crews arrived at the scene, they saw the body part covered by a white sheet. Photos taken just before it was covered showing a leg just lying in the grass and cut into pieces.

Crime scene investigators worked for hours to gather evidence and process the scene. The medical examiner was also on site.

The disturbing nature of the incident caught the attention of those living in the area.

"It's just very shocking and I think all the neighbors around here would never expect anything like this in the area," said Marshall Howell, who lives nearby.

But as that situation was unfolding, another grisly site was discovered not far away on 3rd Avenue Northeast and University Avenue where more body parts were discovered. Police taped off that area too as the investigation grew bigger. According to a neighbor, the parts were found next to an SUV in a bag.

Cadaver dogs searched the area, but did not find additional human remains in the two areas.

As the investigation continues, officers are asking for anyone with insight on the discovery to call police.

"We encourage people to call in with tips, no tips are too small," said Elder.