People offered free pot to clean up Colorado park

Fill a bag with trash and get a free joint.  That was the deal at a cleanup event Sunday in Bancroft park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It was sponsored by The Pothole Cannabis Club.  The club has hosted similar events at other parks in the past.  In this most recent even, more than a hundred bags of trash were collected.

Steve Pacheco is the owner of The Pothole.

"They painted a bad picture for us.  They think we are just some stoners that just get high and don't have no lives or no kids or have any responsibilities.   It's not like that," Pacheco says.  "We're just like them, we're just normal like minded people smoking cannabis.  There's not a bar or another cannabis club out there that's doing positive things.  And I'm just trying to hold to my word that I said in the beginning and do positive impacts."

The free joints were offered to adults 21 and older.  Items that were not pat related were available for children.