PayPal cancels plan to bring over 400 new jobs to Charlotte due to HB2

PayPal announced Tuesday they will not move forward with opening a new global operation center in Charlotte that would bring over 400 jobs to the area.This coming after the HB2 law was passed in North Carolina.

"Legislation has been abruptly enacted by the State of North Carolina that invalidates protections of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens and denies these members of our community equal rights under the law," Dan Schulman, President and CEO  of PayPal said.
The company president said the new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the the values principles the company stands for.

Charlotte city council members and the mayor are reacting after hearing about the economic backlash.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts says she's more disappointed than shocked.

"I am deeply concerned that we may see more of the kinds of announcements that we saw this morning,” she said.

The company is seeking an alternative location and says they remain committed to working with the LGBT community in NC to overturn this discriminatory legislation.
Charlotte City Council member Ed Driggs says he’s confused PayPal wants to cancel their Charlotte plans, considering the LGBT ordinance was passed by city council.

"It's ironic that PayPal left the city that voted to approve the ordinance in order to distance itself from the general assembly,” Driggs said.

Just days before Governor Mccrory signed the new controversial law, PayPal announced their interest in expanding the company in charlotte.

The Charlotte Chamber released the following statement on PayPal's decision:

"Economic repercussions are threatened and real. As evidenced by today’s announcement by PayPal to withdrawal plans to expand in Charlotte, we encourage all our leaders at the city and state levels to contribute toward a solution that is in the best interest of our city and state."

Religious leaders also reacted to the news. A group named Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice is calling on state legislators to repeal HB2 and they're vowing to support legal fees for a lawsuit filed against the legislation. Rev. Debra Hopkins said, "North Carolina’s hateful new law, known as HB2, is doing nothing more than putting trans people like myself in very real danger."

But Pastor Mark Harris with Charlotte's First Baptist Church supports HB2. He said PayPal's decision to pull out of Charlotte doesn't add up. Harris said, "I almost have to chuckle at the inconsistency that the same time they announce they’re pulling out of here, they’re entering Cuba. Let’s being honest about it, when is the last time that Cuba was at the top of the list in excellence in human rights?"