Meet Paul Pesante: Metro-North's rhyming train conductor

So, the daily commute can be a grind, but if you meet this guy, you might not mind. 

Some lucky Metro-North riders are treated to free entertainment from a rhyming train conductor, Paul Pesante.

Pesante, who’s been riding the rails on the 33-mile Hudson Line route for two decades, may very well be Metro North’s own Dr. Seuss.

Pesante bypasses the mundane pre-recorded announcement every day and makes up his own and ends with a rhyme.

Pesante began his quick-witted rhymes right before the pandemic during the railroad’s "feet off the seats" campaign. 

From there, he went full steam into rhyming about wearing a mask during COVID.

"It would go a little something like, ladies and gentlemen, when you ride aboard a train there’s one thing that we ask, everyone aboard, please wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask, you don’t need to ask, remember the crew will provide one to you. And if you don’t wear it, that’s a bad sign that means you’re in line for a $50 fine," Pesante said.

Pesante also has a rhyme for all 20 stops along with some friendly reminders.

Pesante rhymes daily beginning at 5 a.m. back-and-forth from Croton Harmon to Grand Central three times a day.

"It's personal pride and at the same time, you know, passengers, the public, the customers are our business. So we got to keep them happy and keep them informed," Pesante said.

"He lifts your spirits and makes you laugh for the few moments you are on the train," a passenger said.

"Whether it's work or it's school, you're heading out to play, ladies and gentlemen, have a pleasant day," Pesante said.