Park Slope residents plagued by pungent odor

A pungent odor is plaguing Park Slope — petrifying anyone who dares to go near the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Sixth Avenue.

Locals told FOX5 NY that it smells like sewage or excrement.

The New York funk was replaced with a scent that will temporarily take you to Florida as people said there was a hint of citrus after the Department of Sanitation dredged the area.

"There were crews out here for a couple of hours today with a crane," said one resident. "They were going inside the sewer system and were cleaning all the sludge out. So it was pretty cool to watch." 

In a statement to FOX 5 NY, the DOS confirmed the location was cleaned, adding quote: "Important to note that the appropriate response to unsanitary conditions is to call 311. Very hard for a city agency to take action based on posts in a private Facebook group."

Enjah Newman the office manager at B & A Appliances on a corner of the intersection, saw crews working Friday morning but parked cars prevented them from getting to every drain. 

"You know it’s intense when you have to put on the mask and spray a little bit of air freshener in there. We shut the windows to try to keep the door closed so the smell doesn’t come inside," said Newman of the previous smell. "Smells like sewage. When it gets hot, you smell it. They did some work today — you see how it smells a little bit like citrus — it was a little better."

As for the source of the smell — residents pointed to the layout of the location —  as it's at the bottom of a hill that's multiple avenues long.