Orange County Distillery's scenic views and craft spirits

If you're a city slicker, Orange County, New York, feels like the country. But really it is right up the road. In the town of New Hampton, about an hour from Manhattan, you'll find Orange County Distillery. Cousins Bryan Ensall and John Glebocki started the company in 2014 almost by accident.

As a fifth-generation farmer, John thought using some of the crops to make alcohol just made sense. Now the company makes 12 products: two vodkas, two gins, and eight varieties of whiskey. The flagship product is the sugar-beet vodka but the bourbon is the bestseller.

Once word got out, tastings became a regular event. That is when Bryan and John bought an old barn a few miles away and turned it into Brown Barn Farms. At this bar in a barn, there is way more to do than have a cocktail. You can watch the sunset, listen to live music, have a bite to eat, and more. If you get hungry, an old school bus now doubles as a food truck.

Always inspired by interesting flavors, I knew I had to try a drink made with sugar beet vodka. I left the rest up to the bartender and he didn't disappoint.

Orange County Distillery still sells fruits and vegetables. You can find them at the farmers' markets in Union Square and Fort Greene.

But for a unique experience that you're sure to be talking about all season long, visit Orange County Distillery. It's closer than you think.