OH DEER: Four-footed 'burglar' breaks into East Texas home

When police in East Texas were expecting to come face-to-face with a brazen burglar, they found a four-footed bandit instead.

A homeowner called Lufkin police Thursday morning after she heard glass break and thought someone had broken into her home. She grabbed a weapon and immediately hid in the closet.

When an officer arrived, he called backup after he saw a window had been broken in and heard someone moving around inside. The homeowner told police she just realized she left her weapon on the kitchen counter and was scared the burglar had her weapon.

“We got the house surrounded! Come on out!” an officer can be heard saying on the body cam video released by Lufkin PD.

With guns and shields drawn, a group of officers stormed into the home. As they raided the home, they quickly realized their intruder was just a frightened doe.

“It’s a deer! It’s a deer! Stand down!” the officer yelled.

After several minutes of “deer wrangling” with kitchen chairs, the officers managed to shoo the doe out the front door. 

“No animals or officers were seriously injured in the incident (except minor cuts from the glass),” Lufkin police said on Facebook. “Can’t make this stuff up folks.”