Offbeat ice cream, sorbet, gelato in New York

If you're looking for a sweet treat, don't settle for the ordinary. Try something out of this world.

The unique flavors at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory have made this place a standout with locals and tourists for 38 years.

You can try flavors like red bean, taro root, or the most popular, black sesame.

But if you really want to get adventurous, grab a scoop of durian. The exotic tropical fruit is considered the smelliest in the world. Some people say it's pungent, a lot like raw sewage. In parts of Southeast Asia it's illegal to cut it in public or eat it in public. It's the only flavor that has a covered lid. Ah, can you say "yum"?

One of my favorites was lychee, which comes in an ice cream and a sorbet.

If gelato is your thing then Il Laboratorio del Gelato rocks. Located at 188 Ludlow Street, it sits just across from Katz's Deli.

3,000 square feet of extreme flavor: cucumber, butternut squash and mascarpone. Hang out with beet and wasabi. In this place, they work closely with caterers and chefs to develop some of the flavors.

In a world where so many things are complicated, the key to success just may be simplicity.