NYPD sees surge of retirements

The NYPD may be hit with a mass exodus.  The number of officers rushing to retire is surging.

It may be because many law enforcement officers fear there is a growing anti-police sentiment.

Between May 25 and July 3, 2020, more than 500 police officers filed for retirement. that is a 75 percent increase over the same period last year.

The surge has reportedly forced the NYPD to limit applications to avoid overwhelming the department.

However, Former NYPD lieutenant Darrin Porcher says it will be difficult for the department to cap the number of retirees on the rise.

"As it relates to you achieving 20 years of policing, you have the ability to retire based on the money you have subscribed into the pension system," Porcher says.

The NYPD tells Fox 5 News that the NYC police pension fund has not turned down any member of service who wishes to file for retirement, but does admit it has seen a surge that it continues to closely monitor.