EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes of NYPD takedown of Brooklyn gang linked to murders, shootings

The NYPD says it arrested 18 alleged gang members during an early-morning sweep in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

The alleged gang members, some of whom were as young as 15 years old, are facing a slew of charges, including 2nd-degree murder, conspiracy, weapons possession, and more. 

The 85-count indictment targeted 15 alleged members of a subset of the Bloods street gang. 

The investigation dates back to an August 2021 nighttime shootout in a park filled with kids. 

Surveillance video of the incident shows children converting on a mother with a stroller when the gunfire erupts, to protect her and themselves. 

In August 2022, the suspects allegedly went out "spinning," a slang term for going out to find their opponents and shoot them.

"I'd say the thing that sticks out in this investigation is the two homicides of 16-year-old kids that were committed by this gang," said NYPD Captain Ryan Gillis. 

In a statement after the takedown, Mayor Eric Adams released a statement that said: "New York City will not tolerate the reckless endangerment of those who choose a path of violence and chaos. Today's action underscores our unwavering commitment to stopping and holding accountable those who threaten our communities."