NYCHA unveils $1.5B plan to rebuild Elliott-Chelsea and Fulton Houses in Manhattan

New York City officials have announced a $1.5B plan to tear down and rebuild two NYCHA properties: The Elliott-Chelsea Houses and the Fulton Houses, both on Manhattan's West side.

Residents were given the choice of renovations to the current buildings or brand-new construction. The majority chose the latter.

"There was a lot of skepticism and a lot of questions, but I think it's about showing up, the engagement," said Jonathan Gouveia, Executive VP of NYCHA Real Estate Development. "It's about doing all those town hall meetings, subsequent ad hoc meetings and really answering questions and getting to residents' concerns."

NYCHA says the construction will be done in phases.

Darlene Waters, the Tenant Association President of Chelsea Elliott Houses, told FOX 5 New York that they were assured residents would be relocated during construction and not left without a place to live.

"The plan is to do the senior building first, build it back up and after those two move back they'll knock those buildings down," Waters said.

Plans call for each new unit to have tenant-controlled heating and cooling, washers and dryers, and contemporary appliances.

"This process can only move as fast as trust allows it to. So we just had to continue to talk to residents, hear from residents, get their feedback, allow them to lead and direct us on the path," said Jamar Adams, founder of Essence Development, one of the lead developers.

Construction is set to begin next summer. Developers say the entire project should take 6–7 years before it's complete.