NYC shop's grasshopper, vegan and gluten-free shakes

There's nothing better than a milkshake on a hot summer day. 

A new milkshake shop called Cakeshake just opened in the East Village on East 6th Street. It's the only one of its kind to serve traditional, vegan, and gluten-free shakes.

"I had a dream about dessert: cake and ice cream mixed together," said Zach Neil, the owner of Cakeshake. "The next day I woke up and I was like 'CakeShake.'"

It was at that moment Neil needed to make his dream a reality. He contacted Executive Chef Felix Castro and opened up Cakeshake.

"We have a lot of swagger, pop culture influence," Castro said.

It starts with the names of the shakes, like Matcha Matcha Man. There's also three lists: Traditional Milkshakes, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.

"Everyone's got a friend who is vegan or vegetarian and they can never eat at the same place," Neil said. "So this would be the place everyone can go eat."

"Everything is fresh. We make our own ice cream right here," Castro said. "It doesn't get any better than that."

Every week there's a featured shake and this week it's the Flaming Hot Chocolate.

"I love chocolate, I love spicy, I love chips and just wanted it in one shake," Castro said.

The Showtime shake is topped with grasshoppers.

"A high source of protein," Castro said.

Cakeshake is open seven days a week and its menu will change seasonally.