NYC set to kick away cabaret law

New York City's cabaret law has been around since 1926. It prohibits dancing in most bars in the city unless the venue has a cabaret license.

But the City Council is set to vote on a bill Tuesday that will kill that law.

As of right now don't even think about moving to the music in most bars in the city. Under the current law, bars have to be located, for the most part, in industrial areas to allow dancing.

Andrew Muchmore was hit with a violation a few years ago at his bar Muchmore's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Muchmore, who is also a lawyer, filed a lawsuit against the city a few years ago calling the cabaret law unconstitutional. The City Council could abolish the law long before his lawsuit gets to court.

Rachel Nelson owns Happy Fun Bar in Bushwick. She said that abolishing the cabaret law will finally take pressure off bar owners, who fear getting slapped with fines or even shut down if patrons decide to dance to the music.

So bars owners are saying put your dancing shoes on.