NYC restaurants where you cut your food with shears

Forget the fork. No knife needed. Just show me the shears. Kitchen shears are now the utensil of choice for customers at Allora Ristorante in Midtown Manhattan. Allora opened two months ago in the Bernic Hotel. Its 30-foot-long noodle has created quite a buzz, according to owner Elio Albanese.

The extra-long noodle is rolled and stretched by hand. The pasta is topped with a ragu all'abruzzese sauce and 30 miniature meatballs. This dish feeds up to four people. Shears are necessary to cut through the thick semolina pasta. And they also turn your Italian dinner into an experience.

Kitchen shears are commonly used in food preparation. However, Korean restaurants have served scissors with meat and noodles for quite some time.

Hyunjin Ha from Miss Korea in Koreatown says that customers are always surprised when they see the shears needed for barbecue. Shears actually produce a much cleaner cut. So who needs a fork and knife?